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As of now I'm a vegetarian and this is Bat-Cow.

º Aidean Fic º

NOTE: Please note the warnings, some fic may contain graphic sex, violence or non-con.

√ Indicate a favorite fic. 

∞ Tricksy Dwarves By blupeony | M | Crack/Romance 

Dean and Aidan sneaking around set and trying to hide it from people 

 ∞ Bird Bones By adamandi | T | Romance 

Aidan becomes melancholy in the evening light.

 ∞ And for All the Time to Come By alexinie  | G | Romance/Domestic fic 

… They live together after filming the hobbit and are just really domestic and cuddly with loads of kissing and laughing and cups of tea and being cute husbands.

  √ ∞ A Cunning Plan By themlittlesummerthings | NR | 4,010 | Romance/Crack

Richard and James try their luck at matchmaking. It turns out to be much trickier than they’d first thought.

 ∞ Kissing it Better By alexinie | T | Some violence/Cursing 

… Dean gets into a fight with a cast member and Aidan takes care of the bruises afterword. 

  ∞ Goodmorning By bluepeony | NC-17 | size!kink 

Aidan has a major size!kink. Basically Aidan really gets off on Dean being tiny. Some smut where Aidan is very toppy and uses his height and bulk to completely ravish Dean is much appreciated.


 ∞ Let Me Be No Nearer By Anonymous | NC-17 | Prostitution fic

… Dean’s a prostitute and he meets Aidan. 

∞ Shine a Light By bluepeony | M | 13,101 | WIP Break up fic WARNING SADNESS

…Aidan may or may not be in love with Dean.

ªAidean + Various Other Hobbit Cast Mates:

 ∞ Cheapest of the Cheap Cuties By Chimerari | NC-17 | Aidean + Richard

Dean getting turned on by listening to his two Doms plot, discuss between themselves and tell him, in explicit detail, what they are going to do to him.

∞ No Church in the Wild By deadonarrival | NC-17 | Aidean + Richard 

…This one wanted a Richard hesitant to act on his feelings to bed Dean and Aidan due to his age and other factors. But to be persuaded to join them in bed since Dean and Aidan are all about that.

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